The Harriet Tubman mural is part of the Love Across the USA crochet project by Olek, an internationally recognized crochet artist whose work often amplifies the voices of women. It was crocheted by over 150 community volunteers who completed 2 ft x 2ft squares. Olek's goal is to create a large scale mural in every state, celebrating a strong female figure from each location. For the state of New York, she chose two women: Harriet Tubman in Auburn, and Susan B. Anthony in Rochester.  Auburn, NY is the first city in the country to complete the project. 
The mural depicts Harriet Tubman, known for her work on the Underground Railroad and helping scores of slaves to freedom. Tubman settled in Auburn after the Civil War where she ran a home for the aged. Harriet Tubman's home and related property in Auburn have recently been designated a National Historic Park. 
Special thanks to the sponsors of the Love Across the USA, Harriet Tubman Mural: Red Heart Yarn, the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn, an Anonymous Friend, and the Schweinfurth Art Center. Also thanks to  Anthony Bartolotta, Micheal Dietz, Rachel Foley, Jesse Kline, Christina-Maria Kreibich, Olek, and Jamie Rathbone. 
Thank you to all who participated in this wonderful community project!