Kerr Grabowski 

Kerr Grabowski is a fiber artist known for her elegantly whimsical fabrics, art wear and mixed media work. A studio artist since 1976, Kerr moves seamlessly between "art and craft" mediums, incorporating her dyed and printed textiles into both functional wearables and nonfunctional pieces. In 2011, after a 22-year hiatus in rural New Jersey, Kerr returned to her Mississippi roots and influences. Kerr teaches workshops on surface design and exhibits internationally. She is a 2013 Mississippi Council on the Arts Fellowship Recipient and a New Jersey Arts Fellowship Recipient. Kerr is widely published, including Textiles Now, Ornament, Fiber Arts, Surface Design Journal, Fiber Arts Design Book Six, Silk Painting for Fashion and Fine Art, and an instructional DVD, Adventures in Surface Design. In her search for a painterly way to print fabric, Kerr created Deconstructed Screen Printing, and produced the DVD Deconstructed Screen Printing about her technique. 


Location: Bay St. Louis, MS
Website: www.kerrgrabowski.com
Classes: 10. Matisse as Muse