Denise Labadie 


Denise creates art quilt portraits of Celtic megalithic stones and monoliths (think Stonehenge) and more recent but still centuries old monastic ruins. Her quilts are known for their surprising emotionality and, technically, for her hand-painted fabric, surprising and assertive textures, shadowing, perspective-based movement, craftsmanship, and technique precision. Denise has been a featured exhibiting artist and instructor at national exhibitions and related venues in the United States, France, Italy, China, South Korea, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain. She is a multiple Quilt National award winner – both People’s Choice and the McCarthy Award for Overall Craftsmanship – and has been an invited landscape and contemporary art quilting instructor at Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch.

Location: Lafayette, CO
Website: www.labadiefiberart.com
Classes: 4. Art Quilt Design Intensive