Jane Sassaman 


Jane began quilting in 1980. Since then, her graphic quilts have been shown in many national and international exhibits. Her quilt Willow was named as one of the 100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century. Jane is also the author of The Quilted Garden, Patchwork Sassaman Style, and Color My Garden. Jane’s love for historic decorative arts can be seen in all facets of her work, but it is especially evident in the exuberant fabric she is currently designing for FreeSpirit. Most of her appliquéd art quilts are symbolic statements about the cycles and spiritual forces of life. By using colorful fabrics cut into dramatic shapes, she tries to express the energy and mystery of our amazing universe, from the miraculous beauty of a single blossom to the complicated powers of the soul. Her intent is to remind us that we are part of a bigger cosmic picture.

Location: Harvard, IL
Website: www.janesassaman.com
Classes: 6. Shape Shifting